Free Japanese Sword Classes

Free Japanese Sword Classes

NEW FREE CLASS! Introduction to Japanese Swordsmanship

You asked for it so we responded. For quite a while now, we’ve had many requests to offer an introductory class on Japanese swordsmanship.

And, we’re excited to finally offer you this class – FREE.

Here are some of the exciting things you’ll learn:

  • Who were the Samurai,
  • Samurai mannerisms and philosophy,
  • How to wear a katana and additional weapons,
  • How to correctly draw the katana,
  • Proper etiquette when handling a sword,
  • The three critical elements of Samurai combat,
  • Stories and historical aspects of Bushido – the code of the Samurai,
  • Basic stances and cuts,
  • How to move correctly (it’s much different that you think!),
  • Samurai Myth vs. Fact,
  • and much more!

Even more reasons to join…

  • Complete beginners welcome
  • No experience necessary
  • Nothing to purchase – we supply your training weapon
  • Uniforms available for purchase, but aren’t necessary (gym clothes okay)
  • No major time commitment

Ready to start?

Select one or more class dates below to reserve your spot in that class. We cover something different each week. Reserve up to 2 additional spaces for family or friends.


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