Training Gear

See the links below to order training gear for your Nami Ryu classes.

Gear for Zoom Video Training

Video classes offer the most economical way to train in Nami Ryu sword arts. You don’t even need a uniform; a wide weapons-bearing belt (kaku obi) and wooden training weapons will let you get started right away.


Step 1. Order the following from

Nagamaki Bokken (bokken = wooden training sword)
Plastic Saya for Nagamaki Bokken (saya = sheath)
Tsuba for Bokken (tsuba = sword guard)

Step 2. Order a kaku obi belt from

Kaku Obi (wide training belt; any color is fine. Note: We do not use the thin black/white iai obi – please only order items noted as “kaku obi”)

Additional Training Gear

The following gear can be purchased separately, as your training and budget allows.


Jersey Keiko Gi + Tetron Hakama set ( – black or blue gi top and pleated pants)
Gi and Hakama (Yamato Budogu, Japan)


Tanto ( 11.5″ white oak dagger)
Wakizashi ( 22″ white oak short sword)
Plastic Saya for Wakizashi (short sword scabbard)