Kenjutsu Training Gear

Starting Gear

Live video classes supplemented with on-demand video lessons offer the most economical way to train in Nami Ryu sword arts. If you are starting on a limited budget, you can still get started with a belt (kaku obi) and wooden training weapons.


Step 1. Contact us for assistance with ordering your weapons. We will advise you and provide links with exactly what to order.

Step 2. Order a Kaku Obi (wide training belt; any color is fine but white, black, and navy are best.). We also recommend ordering a keiko gi and hakama set (below).

Uniforms (Do-Gi) and Weapons

The following gear can also be purchased as budget allows. As mentioned, we can assist you with ordering your uniform and weapons.


Jersey Keiko Gi + Tetron Hakama set ( – black or blue gi top and pleated pants) -or-
Gi and Hakama (Yamato Budogu, Japan)


Tanto ( 11.5″ white oak dagger)
Wakizashi ( 22″ white oak short sword)
Plastic Saya for Wakizashi (short sword scabbard)
Jo (short staff, white oak)